Desktop Alert's Mass Notification Service with its notable customer base and keen staff deserves an honorable mention as it seeks to equip their end users with Location Based SafeKey to connect each individual person to their system for instant personal communication in an emergency. With this effort Desktop Alert proves once again why it is an award-winning leader in Mass Notification year after year.

Wearable BWT With Bluetooth Remote SOS 2-Way Audio

Features and Benefits

  • Simple, easy to use, and a direct connection to help
  • Dual-Band UMTS / HSDPA A WCDMA 3G system
  • Works indoors and outdoors with Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
  • Single button action for 2-way voice & notification
  • Always on you – attaches to Keys, clothing, or articles
  • SMS / GPRS
  • Direct to any phone number with default to 911
  • Speaker phone capability
  • Regular / Real time tracking by remote configuration
  • Built-in 3 axis accelerometer for motion sensing
  • Transmits user ID & location
  • Programmable phone numbers & multi-call auto rotation
  • Vibration alert / Ringtone alert
  • Power Low / Off alert via SMS / GPRS
  • Support Geo-fencing functions
  • Support AGPS to reduce TTFF
  • Charging cradle with pin connections

Protection For Everyone Everywhere

Instantly send an emergency alert with your ID & exact location from your KEYS

 Always On You

When you equip you and your family with Safe+Key, you can be confident you’ve provided for them with the best, state-of-the-art, and most effective personal safety solution there is.

Emergency and security personnel use Safe+Key WS-02 Personal emergency Key Fobs to broadcast immediate, location specific, alerts to a server, first responder, or facility in less then a second. Any person in any location can press the SOS button on their Safe+Key fob to alert, and speak, with security, police, or any pre-determined answering point via a hands free voice connection. The system instantly transmits the user’s ID and location of the emergency, so the responders deploy immediate help to the exact location needed. Unlike cell phone 911 and safety apps that are often unrealistic in a real attack, Safe+Key is instant help and meets the threat that exists in the gap in the marketplace between the 1 second of an attack vs. the 5 seconds it takes to dial cell 911.

Safe+Key is a stand-alone platform and is designed for use in any area or location, and unlike stationary solutions, Safe+Key is ALWAYS ON YOU. Safe+Key offers the user protection at their fingertips at the first sign of trouble.

The Safe+Key WS-02 personal Remote SOS Key Fob is always connected to API map-based response agency software. This combined with cloud based software; emergency agency personnel can receive and send alerts instantly to any Safe+Key location. Safe+Key alerts can be programmed to work as a lone unit, or connect with a cell phone, or a car, or a computer, or another Safe+Key, or multiple Safe+Keys.


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