Wearable SKC ID Badge Access Key Card

From: $14.99 / month for 24 months and a $24.99 sign-up fee

Features and Benefits

  • Simple, easy to use, and a direct connection to help
  • 2-way emergency broadcast with alert & audio
  • Bluetooth solution works indoors and outdoors
  • Very low power consumption
  • Lightweight
  • Can connect with cell phone, car, or computer
  • Works in controlled environment or field
  • Ideal for all markets requiring ID Badges
  • Connective device for mass notification systems
  • Connects to help in less than 1 second
  • Transmits user ID & location
  • Screen can broadcast emergency information
  • A must for government, students & medical staff
  • Can communicate with same agency Safe+Kards

SafeKard Wearable SKC ID Badge Access Key Card equips all personnel with a 2-way emergency communicator with location. SafeKard is the perfect connective device for every market where ID Badges and Access Key Cards are required. SafeKard has a discrete SOS panic button that instantly transmits the user’s ID and location to help. The system also can receive broadcasts containing pertinent information or instructions in an emergency. Unlike cell phone 911 and safety apps that are often unrealistic in a real attack, SafeKard is instant help and meets the threat that exists in the gap in the marketplace between the 1 second of an attack vs. the 5 seconds it takes to dial cell 911.
SafeKard is connected to Bluetooth making it light and market accepted. During work hours, SafeKard is ALWAYS ON YOU. SafeKard offers the user protection right on their person at the first sign of trouble.



  • Two-way voice
  • GPS & Wi-Fi locates indoors & outdoors
  • Blue Tooth option
  • Ultra low power mode
  • Voltage monitoring & low battery notification


  • 56 channel GPS with SBAS
  • Location Accuracy 0 meters CEP (with SBAS)
  • Tracking Sensitivity – 162bDm
  • Acquisition Sensitivity – 147dBm
  • AGPS Capable
  • Wi-Fi for indoor tracking


  • Dimensions 88 x 55 x 5 mm
  • Weight 15g


  • Operating Voltage 35V internal battery
  • Power consumption typical: 200uA @4.2V = deep sleep 35.1mA @ 4.2V = SMS+UPD, GPS off 105 mA @ 4.2V = continuous transmi
  • Ultra low power sleep mode
  • Automatic O-T-A configuration on power-up


  • Temperature -20º to +70º C operating
  • Temperature -40º to +85º C storage
  • Humidity 95%RH @ 50º C
  • RoHS Compliant

12 Months $24.99 per month, 24 Months $14.99 per month, 12 Months $24.99 per month + $2.95 insurance, 24 Months $14.99 per month + $2.95 insurance


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